₹. 74,53,000/-

Sarangpur | Navghariu | SEOK ID – BOIA0296

Kapadiwad, New Cloth Market Road, Sarangpur of Ahmedabad
        • Ownership: Bank
        • Seok-Property ID: BOIA0296
        • Address: Kapadiwad, New Cloth Market Road, Sarangpur of Ahmedabad
        • Contact Number: 9979111173


        All that part and parcel of the property being non agricultural plot area admeasuring about 102.79 Sq.mtrs. together with constructed property thereon, Ground floor, First Floor and Second Floor, Municipal Tenement No 0103-19-0356-0001-E, 0103-19-0356-0002-C, 0103-19-0356-0003-A, 0103-19-0356-0004-V, together with building, sheds cabins, store rooms, guard rooms, structures now standing thereon or to be constructed/erected, install or brought thereupon, roads, pathways, waterways, electrical installations, water pipes & installations therof, storage tanks, etc now standing thereon or to be erected / constructed thereupon and together with plant and machinery embedded to earth or permanently fastended to anything attached to earth (both future and sewerages, drains, waters, watercourse, liberties, privileges, easements and appurtenances whatsoever to the aforesaid lands or any part thereof belonging to or in any wise relating to or usually held, occupied, enjoyed rights, title, interest, property, claims and demand whatsover situate being and lying City survey no 2689, House No 1740, Navghariu, Kapadiwad, New Cloth Market Road, Sarangpur of Ahmedabad of Mouje: Ahmedabad, Taluka City Registration Dist Sub-Dist , Ahmedabad. Bounded as :- By East : Property of C S No 2694 after Margin Space, By West : Street and Road, On North : Common Wall with Property of CS No 2688 and 2706, By South : Common Wall with property of C S No 2690 and margin land.

        Possession : Physical

        Property Id : BOIA0296

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        Reserve Price : Rs. 74,53,000/-

        EMD                  : Rs. 7,45,300/-

        Bid Incre.        : Rs. 10,000/-

        Auction Date : 09.08.2024             Auction Time : 12:00 PM to 06:00 PM